Harold Varner III - ECU Phat Scooter Raffle Ticket

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- 100% of the proceeds go to supporting the HV3 foundation

- Improve your odds of winning by purchasing as many tickets as you like!

Be the winner of a new ECU HD Golf Electric Scooter


Improved Performance and Longer Range

1500 charge cycles – 3x more than the original scooter battery
Pouch cell battery features extra safety coating

Compact technology conducts less heat when battery is working

50% slower discharge rate  


  • 5.75" Ground clearance.
  • Premium, hydraulic shocks for a smooth, controlled ride.
  • NEW & IMPROVED 19 Ah Battery, charges in 4-6 hours with a standard 110 W outlet.
  • Electronics neatly tucked away and hidden from the elements.
  • Spring-loaded kickstand.
  • 1-piece, welded handlebar assembly for added safety.
  • Electronic-ABS hydraulic disc brakes.
  • Premium seat, with extra padding for a more comfortable ride.
  • Ultra-bright angel LED headlight with daylight running safety light.
  • High-powered, New 1500 W electric motor stored safely inside wheel hub.

3 Driving modes for virtually any terrain: 8MPH, 13MPH, and 20MPH. The three different drive modes keep you within legal limits for the boardwalk, on the course and in the bike lane. Phat scooters recommend always wearing a helmet. Please check your state and local laws for age restrictions and helmet requirements.

Mission, by Harold Varner III

In August 2018, I launched the HV3 Foundation in an effort to give back to less fortunate kids that could greatly benefit from increased access and opportunity in sport. The cost of equipment, proper coaching, and access has become very expensive and unaffordable to many.

My vision for the HV3 Foundation is to bring awareness to the rising cost of entry and access in sports. The foundation will aim to provide financial assistance for equipment, after school programs, instruction, camps, and various other avenues where an athlete can cultivate his/her passion.

Growing up, I experienced those same challenges first hand. I was incredibility fortunate to be able to join a youth program at my local municipal course that allowed me to play unlimited golf for $100 a summer. That $100 was not easy to come by, but was worth scraping together due to the access it afforded. As a frame of reference, that program no longer exists. In all my travels, I have noticed that affordable access opportunities are the exception and not the norm in golf as well as in many other sports. People talk about growing the game of golf and I truly believe that affordable access is the biggest obstacles for young players to overcome. I am certain if I did not have the junior program at Gastonia Municipal, I wouldn’t be playing a sport I love on the PGA Tour."


Winner will be responsible for pickup / delivery of scooter