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SELL your books   *   BUY your books   *   RESERVE your books   *   About RENTAL

Fall 2018 rental books are due back in the store at the end of business on Monday, December 18. Our Fall 2018 rental policy is right here.


It's the most wonderful time of the year!
That's right, it's buyback time---time to convert those unwanted textbooks to cold sweet cash!

We're especially pleased to bring you online buyback pricing. Just click SELL your books above, or right here, and you can price your books without making a phone call or coming to the store.

There are two kinds of buyback right now: retail and wholesale. Retail buyback is when we need the book for the upcoming semester, and we'll generally pay half the new price for the book. Retail buyback ends at the end of finals, so we have time to order anything we didn't get during buyback. The other kind of buyback, which goes on year-round, no matter what, is wholesale buyback. We'll always give you the best price from among the top wholesalers in the business, based on national demand, even if the book isn't being used again here. Wholesale buyback can be anything from no value at all to almost 50% of the new price of the book.

Don't forget to bring a photo I.D. with you when you bring your books for buyback!

We buy back all kinds of books, as long as they have some value on the national marketplace. This includes, but is not limited to, loose leaf books, unused access codes, custom books, clickers and even calculators and games.

NEW!  Now you can get rental prices online at UBE, or even rent online and choose shipping or in-store pickup.. Just check out our BUY your books link.

NEW!  We're continuing to offer RedShelf ebooks. RedShelf is a market leader in ebooks, and we're pleased to have RedShelf codes on our shelves and accessible via our web page. This option is also at the BUY your books link.

We are now accepting textbooks reservations for the Spring 2019 semester. There's no fee, and no extra cost, for this service. Turn in your reservation by Friday, December 28, and your box will be ready for pick up on Friday, January 4. Click here to find out more.