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Retail buyback is ON!  Get the best money of the year, right now!  Since we sell more used books than anybody else, we also buy more books at retail than anyone else.  And when the book drops to wholesale, we'll give you the best price from among four wholesalers---that's all of them in the business.

Don't forget that we buy back more than we don't.  That means we'll buy back custom books being used again, loose leaf books, clickers, unused access codes...it's always worth bringing it in or giving us a call to find out if we're buying it.

How Buyback Works:

If the book isn't on retail, we'll give you the wholesale price.  The wholesale price is whatever our wholesalers can give us for the book. This can be everything from no value, i.e. zero dollars, to relatively high values (although not as high as 50% of the new value of the book). Since we receive a commission on wholesale books, we are able to offer the entire amount to you that a wholesaler offers to us.  Also, we use four different wholesalers, so we offer the best wholesale price we can. There are two kinds of buyback prices: retail and wholesale. At UBE, retail buyback price is usually 50% of the book’s new price (at some stores, they may not pay as much as 50%, or it might be 50% of the used price).  You get the retail price when a professor has ordered the book for the next semester---we'll buy the number we think we can sell. 

Don't forget to bring your student I.D. with you when you bring your books for buyback!

Buyback tips:

  • Come early.
  • Take care of your books.  We won't accept books that are water damaged, dog-chewed, or books with torn or missing pages.
  • No international editions of books.