Youth Under Armour Long Sleeve with Bagwell Field


  • Manufacturer: By UNDER ARMOUR
  • SKU: 1*10041359


Item Description

Little Pirate, East Carolina has added a mascot over the past few years. The Jolly Roger has become an honored mascot of East Carolina. He is appearing all over campus: on the field, in the school store, and even on little pirate items such as this long sleeve shirt. This long sleeve shirt proudly shares the Jolly Roger with the rest of the world and connects it to East Carolina University. Make sure you get this shirt and share in the excitement of adding this beloved mascot to our school. Make sure you get it soon, because you never know when a new mascot will show up in Pirate Nation.

- Youth Purple Under Armour Dry Fit Long Sleeve
- Pirate Nation Logo In Front of Football Hash Marks
- 100% Polyester