Black Surrender The Booty Koozie


  • Manufacturer: By FLAPPIN FLAGS
  • Price: $5.95
  • SKU: 1*10015413

Item Description

Here in Pirate Nation we believe in respecting our drinks, respect them I say. They are the liquid that we Pirates survive on. So in order to show our respect we treat them like our treasure or sometimes even a fellow mate. We want to make sure that we protect them with the best suits possible. This can cooler is sure to make your drink feel respected as well as receive respect, well fear, from other pirates. The suit protection will also show respect to you by getting others to Surrender their Booty. With all that booty you might be the richest Pirate in Greenville. Make sure to get this protective suit for your can soon before they suit up and ship out.

- Black surrender the booty koozie
- Skull and cross bones with sword
- Collapsible: easily fits into pocket or purse