ECU Hair Ribbon 3pk


  • Manufacturer: By DIVINE CREATIONS
  • Price: $7.50
  • SKU: 1*10002591

Item Description

Ladies, we all try to look cute at the game to attract our favorite Pirate's attention. However PeeDee can't have all of us, so to help us find that Pirate mate he has made some ribbons for us to wear. These ribbons may look like regular purple and gold ribbons, but they have East Carolina magic because of PeeDee. These ribbons come in a pack of three because three tends to be a lucky number for some. PeeDee was even nice enough to pose for the ribbon to make sure that we each had a part of him with us. Make sure you get these magical ribbons soon before the PeeDee's magic is no longer available.

- 24" Pieces
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