White T-Shirt, "77 Miles"


  • Manufacturer: By MOJO SPORTSWEAR
  • SKU: 1*10004909


Item Description

Arrrgh matey, I think I see some intelligent life ahead!! It seems like two days since we have seen intelligent life. This is quite a refreshing site to see. We should find out who they are? Oh my, of course they're intelligent; it's the East Carolina Pirates. This is the home of PeeDee who helped us defeat those wolves back in the day. Pirate Nation is the treasure of Eastern Carolina. Let's get PeeDee to make an awesome shirt to let all other pirates know that this is the first sign of intelligent life you will see for a while. Then we can get him to sell it at his favorite store UBE and hopefully they won't run out before ECU Pirates get a chance to buy them.

- 100% cotton
- 77 miles logo on back