16oz Purple Acrylic East Carolina Travel Mug


  • Manufacturer: By R & D SPECIALTY COMPANY
  • Price: $13.99
  • SKU: 1*10040917

Item Description

East Carolina Pirates need their coffee on the go, and PeeDee wants to make sure you have a way of carrying that coffee. That is why he, along with UBE made this here mug, so Pirates can drink their coffee on the go. And it will taste better than any coffee you have ever had in Pirate Nation because of the mugs Pirate exterior. It will give the coffee a great East Carolina Pirate taste. Make sure you get this mug soon before it gets too hot.

- 16oz Purple with Gold Print Travel Mug.
- East Carolina Logo
- U.B.E. PirateWear.com has the perfect gifts for Pirates fans of all sizes!