Buyback is over, right?  Well, not exactly.  We never stop buying books.  If the store's open, and your book has value on the national wholesale market, we'll buy it!

If you're wondering how buyback works...keep reading!

Retail Buyback is one-half the new price.  It's what you get

°     At the end of a given semester up to the end of finals; AND
°     If the book is being used and your teacher has turned in his or her book order; AND
°     We still need copies of the text for the following semester.

Wholesale Buyback is what our wholesalers will give us for the book.  We'll always give you the best wholesale price from among all four of our wholesalers---which means we give some of the best prices in the business.

Don't forget to bring your student I.D. with you when you bring your books for buyback!

If you can't get in to the store, we've found a way to let you sell your books back online.  We've made arrangements with Missouri Book Service to offer buyback through the internet.  Just click the button to find out how!  Please be aware that online buyback is not through U.B.E.  The online prices will be different from our in-store prices.

Remember, if you use this button you'll be selling your books to MBS (Missouri Book Service) and not to us.  Because we deal with five wholesalers, not just one, your best buyback prices are still in the store, even when we're buying at wholesale.




Buyback tips:


  • Come early
  • Take care of your books
  • We won't accept books that are water damaged, dog-chewed, or books with torn or missing pages.
  • No internation editions of books